Friday, January 1, 2010


Today was one of the amazing days where time moved in a very odd and deliriously, delicious way. One minute forward, two minutes on hold, what feels like three hours turns out to be only :42 minutes. Have you had this experience? It's either some kind of acid flashback (Hey - I saw the Grateful Dead in my 20's) or it's just life's way of pointing out that time in fact doesn't ACTUALLY exist and the key to a stress-free year is to keep that lil fact front and center in the ol' cranium.

I wonder if time is going all Salvador Dali on me due to my proximity to the BHB? He's in a really cool phase of what appears to be his first class on perspective. He is constantly searching for a new angle on the shiny things in life. He ducks his head under to look up under the window shade, then checks the streaming light from 14 more observation points along the way. He dives sideways to observe the brown dog in a 90 degree angle, and then with great abandon and thrill, he flings himself back up in my general direction. I haven't caught the digital image of it yet, but he's been using his hand in an L position to observe the world. Like a viewfinder.

Me: Ah jeasus, just what this family needs, another director.

BHB: (grins) Squeek! Gurgle. Bah. Bah. Bah.

Me: No seriously dude, one control freak per household, please.

Who knows? I may have to step down from that auspicious post. We'll see in a few years. Here is a photo of our hero finding his reflection particularly fantastic in a shiny trash can at Whole Foods.

And the light in LA was perfect today. Rose Bowl Parade fans, did you notice?  It was that soft pink light, like what they get in Paris in the fall. (Umm, okay. I've been once. In the fall.) They have the most amazing grapes. Have you eaten french grapes? Holy crap, it's like eating perfume only that sounds dastardly and this is the opposite. If I could live in Paris, I would move in a heartbeat. Although, wait....since I don't drink anymore, that might suck. Harummph. I may need to rethink that fantasy.

But back to the USA. And today with it's long, lingering beauty. I realized something that I almost didn't want to admit to myself, and it's kinda shocking that I'm sending on over to you in this etherweb of wires and wireless-ness and other mysterious techno-weenie magic.

I am really happy.

I am. Life is really good. It's like a french grape. It's big and juicy and not covered in pesticides. My mom is in town and decided to stick around for three more weeks (sob! joy!). I'm all yummed up on good food and the good lovin' that occasionally a holiday season will deliver. I'm healthy. (we all are) My baby is STOOPID cute and killin' me with his fantastic ways. I should note that the cynical side of my brain wants to jump in here and type out all of the reason's I shouldn't be so damn joyful. But.

Hey, of course Mr. C-side has a point...but, you know what? I'm going to tell it to eff off. This kind of unreasonable satisfaction doesn't come all the time, might as well surf it's sweet little well-lit wave.

Happy New Year pretty internet friends!

PS - Also a big ol howdy welcome to the new followers. I know Stefanie sent you over and I will totally make out with her tomorrow when I see her to thank her. (I kid, but you know, she is hot) I hope to keep y'all entertained over here too!

PPS - Be sure to vote in my shmancy new poll over there to the left and up. What movie shall I type to you about on Monday? 

My Mom rockin' the Ergo @ Zen Zoo. Speaking of happy, right? Separating these two will NOT be easy later this month. Best not to think about that.

Santa takes a break from the hard Santa Baby workload. That look is so faraway and sweet, isn't it?


  1. Okay, I've been reading since Stefanie first sent people over here and would just like to ask: When did BHB get so big? Seriously! He's adorable!

  2. You so don't look old enough to have seen the Grateful Dead in your 20s! (I saw the Grateful Dead in my 20s!)

  3. I voted for food because I'm all about the food. Feed me!!!

  4. Ah Sagessa, that's awesome that you've been here all along. Thanks for letting me know! And right? That boy is huuuge. He's 9 months on Jan 6th. Wowee.

    And Juli, uh. Don't make me love you more, it's kinda out of control. I'm plenty old for the GD.

    And Rebecca, have you seen this movie? It's a combo of illuminating and devastating and empowering. Same filmmakers as inconvenient truth. Right now we're neck and neck with Away We Go and Food Inc...I love this poll! It's so fun!

  5. That last picture is INSANE cute. I love photos of babies where you can see them thinking. Does that even make sense? It's just that sometimes their little baby brained thoughts read right across on their faces and it delights me.

  6. um, okay so I saw you Sat. and there was no make out sesh. What happened? Was it my breath?

  7. I'm a lurker from San Diego (you know, this place Los Angeles doesn't claim as a neighbor). Look down ... further.... here we are! Thanks for all the great posts...