Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fool's Rush In

Happy April Fool's Day!

Anyone do anything dastardly? I've never been good at this prank thing, I'm too chickensh*t for it. I don't like the suspense or worry that something will go horribly wrong or someone will end up hating me. When I was 12, my brother rigged a bucket of water above the bathroom door and waited snickering around a corner for me to walk under it. Unfortunately instead of the intended bucket dump, it slid off the top and landed directly on my head where it bounced before finally soaking the floor. A bucket full of water - whadya think? Maybe 15 pounds? It hurt like hell. I think it explains alot about my personality...

So, guess what!? We are in the final weeks before our film shoot. Y'all may remember that I've been yammering on about this thing for months and months now and that raised all of the money on ye old interweb. So we're finally going to be getting this thing done this month.


I could wax on endlessly about how miraculous it is to be sitting where we are right now. Don't tempt me. But, let's just summarize by saying this:

*Last fall, we were told "You don't have enough money to make this film".

*Last fall, we asked the internet, our friends, our family, you to help us make this film.

*This winter, the fundraising succeeded. Incredible considering the state of the economy and the rest.

*This spring, we will shoot our short film. 10 days after the boy turns 1, a dream 5 years in the making will come true.
It is a miracle. Nothing short.

I gotta be honest, it's been hella challenging trying to balance the two big roles of Mom and Director. Well, three - also Executive Producer. It has somehow magically worked due to very patient, sweet producer's who meet over here a lot during naptimes or so he can play in the play-yard while we chat and sweat details. I've also been seen location scouting with him in the Ergo or driving neighborhoods looking for locations while he naps.

Here on the right you can see how excited he is to be checking out an office location....below we are looking for a convenience store.

I gotta say, I think he looks like a future star baseball pitcher in this shot. Facebook friends, sorry for the repeat - but comon', that is ridiculous cuteness.

Here we are working hard in our PJ's.  Not my proudest parenting moment, but a sleepy baby doesn't pound on your keyboard (I've noticed).

I'll leave you with the schedule of the juggle from today. Our lil guy was a total champ as we made our way through this day, this last hectic day before my Mom comes back to see us through the shoot....

8:00 am meeting with potential unit production manager in studio city. We negotiated his price while dad had kid in lap and feed him applefish.

9:15 hike with friends and babies and dogs (oh and one of the star's of our movie!) Boy learns how to clap! I guess the blue sky and black crows were just finally 'cause enough for applause.

11:30 go to hollywood - wait for place to open to get delicious seaweed salad while on call with producer.

12:00 next hollywood errand - find dinosaur costume for movie (hub featured sporting costume) get awesome discount due to extremely cute kid in Ergo!

1:45 BHB finally gets the nap he was denied all morning.

2:00 finally eat delicious lunch, awesome production manager hired - talk to location guru and friend about the key locations that we're missing, he has great ideas...

2:30 babysitter arrives

3:00 go to location, meet with DP (Director of Photography) to talk shots

5:30  home to relieve babysitter

6:00 play with boy til 7 including admire his new clapping skills and laugh hysterically with him at the antics of the peek-a-boo dad. Then bedtime routine.

8:30 eat our dinner watching 6 Feet Under Season One to get inspired by good shots, good acting

10:00 sucked into emails with producers and put up an 'update' for our backers on kickstarter.

11:51 still typing blogpost that swore I wouldn't stay up til midnight to do....

Right. Goodnight.

Yours in the crazy, happy, busy daze ~

PS - I name my posts after movies. I haven't seen the one this post is named, I know nothing about it. I just liked using anything with Fool for this day. I'm working on another post called 'Enchanted April'. Is this naming my posts after movies too ridic? You can tell me.