Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Broadcast News

Friends, this post was written Saturday night but not completed due to a fleeing from LA that occurred. More on the Escape from LA and subsequent fun road trip in the next installment...!

What a weird day in LA.

The smoke from the 'Station Fire' - which is not far at all from where I live, was whooshing into the sky in a way that was at once beautiful and tragic. And it was visible from all over town and even 50 miles away. I was looking at the billowing beauty and wondering about the event when I suddenly got this feeling of flee'ing and panic. Perhaps I tuned into the squirrels and birds and other little creatures who were trying to find their way out? Sometimes my psychic powers suck.

It makes me think of the book "I Am a Bunny" that I my dear friend gave me that I now read incessantly for the big-headed baby.  What about Nicolas the bunny that lives in a hollow tree? Crap! All of those name-less faceless bunnies. Owwwwch-eee, heart crushing sadness.

Tonight I went to the Emmy's. This was courtesty of the BHB who has in recent times become a champion go-to-sleeper and marriage-saver. While it was fancy and beautiful with the ladies in their sparkly dresses, it was also extremely depressing as each speech referenced the dying broadcast news industry and in particular 100's of jobs that were chopped that very weekend. I felt bad for them until they didn't give us the statue. I kid, I kid. But I think our PSA was too sub-tel. The one that won featured a little girl getting hit by a bike (for pedestrian safety) I about jumped out of my purty brown dress when they showed it. Here's ours for your viewing pleasure.

News of the fires broke into 30 Rock the other day. And I'm truly sorry about those fires, I am, but can I watch that terrible news at 11 please? There weren't evacuations yet, so may I see the madcap adventures of my fave show? I only watch TV like once a week but no escape for me. Instead I get to watch the gorgeous nighttime flames in black sky footage and worry about Nicholas the bunny and his friends. Not madcap. Not funny. Just damn sad.

And what about the fact that the station fire was no-where near civilization but when the rancho-expensive-homes-by-the-ocean-fire broke out they pulled resources from the gorgeous Angeles Forest to save those dopes and their marble bathrooms. And now that fire is totally out of control and heading toward 100's of homes that likely do not have marble anywhere, and are all evacuated. Ugh, what a terrible feeling to leave your home and not know if you'll have anything to go back to.

*Update, as you likely know...10,000 homes have been threatened and at this time and it's now historical in it's vast blackening and danger. Sunday the smoke was so bad in our home that we made like a bunny and headed out of our forest tree...