Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Science of Sleep

I'm holding my breath here tonight.

The little guy, see multiple pictures below to reference the guy of which I speak, went to sleep a few hours ago in the same fashion that I bragged about here. And this is night number three. (not in a row, but still....this week!)

I'm saying this very quietly here as to not jinx us.

(whispering) But...It's freakin' amazing! Right?

AND? Last night he didn't wake up until 5:15am. Asleep at 7:45 pm, awake at 5:15 am to eat, back to sleep til 8:15am. I'm not a mathe-ee person but I can tell you that is a DAMN long time.

Tonight I even tried really hard to f it up by staying out at a friend's house having deeeelicious turkey burgers off her grill which delayed his bedtime substantially. Basically started the go-to-bed-sweet-big-headed-baby routine at like 8:10pm instead of 7pm. But godbless him he did the same gentle, open-eyed, thumb in mouth roll over see ya later mom thing.


As I said before I hesitate to talk about these things due to my anxiety that by blatantly shooting off at the keyboard about it I may just be setting myself up for a big ol nightmare down the road. However, since this blog is quickly becoming his 'baby-book' I figured I better write about it so one dark day I can look back to my own reality and remember this day fondly.

Today, future Jane, is a good day. You will have another.

And in the spirit of the baby book concept, please find a short photo essay below - a sleep tribute. Starting at the very beginning...

peaceful on the 'billy bed'

tiny sweet face

plane trip @ 9 weeks - he slept like a star.

at first, car rides were nightmarish, wailing-fests...then he learned how to sleep in the bucket and life has been much sweeter since.

how terrifying is this bird?Anyone know of any sleep voodoo dance that I should do to keep this going?


  1. I wish I knew of a way to keep it going that I could share. My kiddo has done a complete 180 in the sleep department *read: she feels sleep is for babies and she isn't one of those!
    But good luck and hopefully he stays sleeping like this for many months/years to come.

  2. Sleep is for Babies! OH NO! I hope that 180's back for you asap! And thanks for your good wishes Staci! :)

  3. I wish I knew some voodoo to keep the good sleep vibes going! We've been sleep training the last two weeks, and it seems to be going, two good nights, then he regresses a little for a night, then two more good ones. Last night was a small regression, so I'm hoping for more good sleep tonight! Once you start stringing together several good hours of sleep yourself, it's hard to let them go!

  4. once thru that baby period, both of my kids have been champion there is hope that you got thru the roughest part and deserve congratulations (typed in a whisper to not jinx)

  5. Bea's been a pretty good sleeper from the outset. Our secret? We merely pretend it's normal.


    You mean all babies don't go to bed at 8pm and only nurse a few times at night?


    I'm taking your silence as agreement. We should have ten babies more just like her because it will always be this easy.

    LA LA LA LA.

  6. If you do discover a sleep voodoo dance be sure to tell ME.

  7. Do you ever wonder if you did something incredibly altruistic and earth-shatteringly benevolent in a past life to deserve this kind of babysleep luck?? Maybe you were Gandhi. Do you like Indian food? Have an aversion to British people and synthetic fibers? Yeah, that must totally be it.