Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Working Girl

Blinking cursor. Blink you blinking cursor! You suck and you're torturing me with your blinkiness on white. Blink!

I'm paralyzed by how much I want to talk about. What would Brian Boitano do? Make a plan, and follow through...mmmkay. Let's make a list! Bloggers love them some list, don't they?

1. Went to work today for the first time since the baby bean showed up. I wept on the way out to set. I forgot essential pumping parts so my body suffered needlessly as it ached to feed the boy who was 30 miles away. To summarize it was a mix of exhilarating and devastating and everything in between. A great first job out since it was tiny crew and easy shooting in the exterior sparkly sunlight. I stole many a glance at my iPhone to admire pictures of the little guy...and of course made other poor unsuspecting crew and actors admire his big head on the little screen. Hey! In fact! Here are some recent pictures are for your viewing pleasure:

2. Bongo saga continues. Send up a puppy prayer if you believe in doggie dieties. We're sliding dangerously close to actual eye surgery folks, and we are silently screaming for him as well as (let's get honest) our bank account. More tomorrow, will keep you posted. Ha! oh I do love bad puns.

In the meantime, these pictures begin to tell the story:

From when lil G showed up, back in April and we had a crazy heat wave in LA. It's a tenuous beginning....

This one is I took this week- it appears that they can't even look at each other!

3. And for door #3, I am going to tell you something shocking. Get ready, are you? Did you sit? Well, hold onto your sandwiches because - tonight, we put the baby down completely awake and alert and HE SOOTHED HIMSELF AND WENT DOWN WITHOUT (k I'll stop yelling) he went down, to a deep fabulous sleep without a single pop-up. There are usually 2-3 in the first hour or so that require some milking or rocking to convince him that sleep is the swell way to go. These pop up's have become a staple that we are actually fine with seeing as how it is usually followed by the 4-5 hour stretch of sleep, so this little party seems damn reasonable.

But! Hey! Holla! I'm just floored that he went down unassisted tonight. And for all of you veteran mom's who are shaking your head like that... I see you! And I feel y'all, I do. "It's one night Jane! Calm down sister, the Blog Brag is going to totally bite you in the ass." You're probably right. I get that these victories are temporary. But does that make them any less sweet? I say no. I say that this book is helping and all of the little subtle stuff we're doing is working. Dammit. That's way I say. I'm sure I'll be back to eat crow soon.

Oh how I wish this post was a little more bedazzled with pics and other funness. I'll bring more sizzle to the table soon. And you know, I have to say thanks. Thanks for the comments and love that y'all passed along, even and especially the one-handed wonders. I shamelessly asked for comments, and y'all totally obliged me. And now that you know I'm a big ol whore for comments....well, you know.


  1. I like the new blog look. :) Congratulations on the sleeping kiddo. I still don't get that easy a time and mine is 11 months. I do love not having to type one-handed anymore. Now I just let her crawl around and play with the dog or wait until her nap.

  2. I see you mastered sleep......I'm SO JEALOUS. I remember those days, when she slept....they were good....I also know the feeling of success, it's great isn't it?! congrats! I head back to work next week, so your post is speakin' to me! wish us luck, and I hope your little man keeps up the good sleep! enjoy!

  3. Thanks Staci - I tinkered with it endlessly and probably will continue fun is fonts/colors/and coming soon, a bitchin' banner!

    And ha! Mastered, I love it. Mastered to be unmastered but, gotta enjoy the moments of goodness as they come. :)

  4. hey mama...roll with it. victories are victories nonetheless--een if they are short lived. and let's pray that this one isn't. cause, sister, let's be honest, we all know how great a little sleep and nookie can!

    missed you and the little one at B on B yesterday.