Friday, August 21, 2009

Oh Brother Where Art Thou

When will our brown dog become the brother that the big-headed-baby deserves?

When will he stop his whining and kabitzing and man up to this new role? Ok, big dog up?

When can we put the credit card back in the freezer and stop buying doggie eye procedures and surgical supplies?


So yep, when hubs and Bongo visited our new BFF's at Pasadena Eye Care for Animals (I capitalize and link with respect) on Thursday, they gave us some bad news. Essentially stop-gap procedure on eye #2 had not worked like it had on eye #1 and while we could try another 500 dollar option, with success rate of only 50%, the only really effective move was to bust out the 2K surgery at a 90% success rate. Since we were already 400 dollars in, we figured...ok wait. I know. It's kinda low class to talk numbers but on the OTHER hand - specificity helps storytelling, so propriety be damned, that's whats going on. And shoot, why not go all the way there? We are now 3k into this cute dog's eyeball's, and my god I hope that's all we need to do to prove we love him this week.

Now all of my pet-loving friends out there, you are all nodding and blinking along going, yep totally, that's what credit cards are for. And all of you Momma's who have bills that kick my vet bill's ass due to physical challenges with your human kids, I apologize for going on about this. My guess is that in the face of serious hardship, this is a bit whatev's. But seeing as how he is our first born, and was until very recently the only true love of our lives, I am compelled to share more. (than before)

Side note: I've been reading a ton of blogs tonight and really touched by what I'm finding out there. In that spirit I'm going to have to link it up to where I've been and why I suspect my puppy troubles are Nothin'....amazing blog here.

So here's the thing. My dog doesn't like our baby, he really doesn't.
If we kiss the baby, he harumphs. You think I'm kidding? I do not kid. It is a groaning Harumph sound.
If we laugh and coo at the baby, he whines and paces.
If I am hanging with the baby, I don't' know, feeding the child? I get the stare. Please witness.

Okay so they are both staring at the nut-job with the camera. But you can imagine.

I get that as a cooped-up Mom with a new-ish baby I'm on the list of potentially coo-coo-for-cocoa-puff's and voted 'Most Likely to Loose It Before Christmas' and since I think my dog is thinking deep dark thoughts about how to get his #1 status back, it's probably hyperbole and over-reaction. And if you think so, I would like to invite you over.

Here's a photo essay to prove my point:

Blanket time turns into squish the baby time:

How cute are their feet? Is it troubling that I'm shooting pictures instead of rescuing the child from his brown butt?

The little one is pretty good nature-d about it..

I finally realized that this rug is the brown dog's rug and that the mistake was CLEARLY mine when I thought it was okay to put the baby blanket's on his rug.

I mean.


Don't you love the tail over the boy?

So what do y'all suggest?


  1. No suggestions here! I have two cats, so have dealt with hissing at the baby and trying to crowd the baby out of my lap. Although lately the big one has been rubbing on the baby's head, so maybe there's hope there. The little one though... she was the baby for 6 years and still seems to think that even if one hand is holding the tailless one, the other hand can be holding her. So I feel you on the harumphing!

  2. This is hysterical. I got the stare from big brown dog too when holding G-man, but I had no idea how serious the problem was! HA!! Keep those pictures coming, and I'll try to keep the comments coming, even though I have no baby nor doggie that keep me quite as entertained or in the know!

  3. Oh my gosh, the crowding out of the lap - that would be intense! That tail-less one,that's hilarious...thanks for letting me know I'm not alone.

    And ya Nicky, so you saw it too!? Thanks for the shout out, seriously - sometimes I think I'm imagining it. :) Thanks for the comments y'all!!

  4. My dog has a taste for breastmilk.

    It's not like that.

    I spilled some on the floor early during Bea's tender reign, and ever since the dog eyes me while I'm nursing like, "C'mon lady. Six teets, two teets, whatever. Share the love." It's very awkward.

    And, um, I have no suggestions, but perhaps when the lad is around two him and the dog will be intellectual equals and they can play checkers together?

  5. I am here. I am reading. I am now commenting. I am exhausted at the process it took me to figure out that despite my reluctance to open a google account, I already have a google account, so here I am--jeez louise. Congrats on what seems like a big couple of weeks with some successful sleeps and returning to work with boobs that are talking to you. I used to walk around work with that milk reflex from a whisper to "feeed yoouur baaaby, feed your baby, feed your baby! feed your baby, dammit!!!" picture near-tears, rushing to cramped "nursing area" (dingey closet with no refridgerator), fumbling with pumping equipment, trying to answer calls while pumping (never mastered) followed by chugging water...did I actually do that?...surreal. Anyway, hang in there...OK sorry about your doggy, too. Obviously have been waiting to comment on other topics! Love reading this, loved the John Hughes thing...sent it to a few peeps. Take Care!!

  6. I think the dog might get more interested once the baby is older and maybe play fetch with him? We lost our dog before Leila was born, but the cat doesn't seem to care for the baby.... even though the baby has been eyeing him for months now....

  7. Brava! Brilliant! Kudos!

    The pictorals really seal the deal for me.

    Love you.