Monday, February 22, 2010


Oh hi.

I've been remiss and missing from this space and let me apologize in advance for apologizing because it's kind of ridiculous. I mean. Y'all aren't sitting next to your google readers tapping your foot and wondering where I am, right? No. I know that. I so often feel this delightful and delicious tingly pull in this direction, oh - OK, nightly. More often than not I resist the urge, close the computer and go to bed.

Because right now it's either LCD and all the fun I have up here yammering on about my THOUGHTS and FEELINGS and occasionally an IMPRESSION and maybe even an occasional OBSERVATION.

Or sleep.

And as you Momma's know, sleep is a nice thing. And clearly it's been winning.

During the day it's chasing tiny boy and making sure brown dog stays clear of tiny boy and his tiny hands and his new teeth and charming smile so that brown dog doesn't do some dastardly doggie thing like nip at the mischievous tiny he tries to grab tall soft, brown ears.

And mushing the food or heating up the mush or steaming the finger food or mixing the stuff or making sure there are enough cheerios on the tray. And watching those impossibly tiny fingers PICK UP the tiny bits of carrots or pears or apples or o's or yam bits. And occasionally drop the bits for the brown nose to scoop in and enjoy. That game hasn't become a full time pastime but I expect that it is coming soon.

And the toys and the books and soft green ball that pile out of the little faux leather chest in the morning and then pile back into that same little brown chest at night.

And then there are all of those tiny shirts, the ones with the stripes and the tiny dogs on the front or the soft pants and the socks that are too small when you buy them and the shoes, why doesn't he have any shoes, what the heck size is he? And the hand-me-downs thank god for those but then you've got to hand them back and what box and which mom goes to which baby is going to wear it next. In the meantime they've got to be washed. And folded. And put away. And coaxed over a big head.

And at night it's a mix of emailing and emailing and working and conference calls and trying to think clear, concise and meaningful and oh dinner and right now of course the olympics (oh crap I missed it tonight) but we need to do a re-write of the script and we are casting later this week and I have to go location scout, but I'll be doing that while he naps in the car and and and.

I guess it's obvious why sleep is winning.

But for what it's worth I am writing into this white box in my head all day. The sweet bits of floating observations like the backlight of the afternoon sun, a halo on his sweet blonde head. Or his smile of discovery at a new thing (a bird!) which he now shares with me in his eyes, the recognition in his eyes of me - and - of a thing - and - of the separation of him and me and thing and then his delight in it or me or him or frustration when something is awry. Then comes my scramble to discover what IT is although sometimes if I have had enough sleep I might just sit in (or next to) his frustration and let him BE without fixing it.

And that's a pretty good reason, right?

Floating in the joy bits,

P.S.  - One of these Monday's I'll get to writing about An Education. Short review: Hell ya, see it.


  1. Well, I kind of tap my fingers and watch my Google reader for a post from you, so consider yourself stalked.

    Good for you for choosing sleep when you can. I didn't do that last night and I feel a tad homicidal today. Just a tad.

    And script re-writes, casting and location scouting sounds way cool to me.

    Thanks for popping in for the update, though. It made me miss my sons tiny little pudgy fingers, which are slowly turning Little Man fingers right before my eyes.


  2. This post makes me remember what it was like to have a toddler. The world was such a sensual place, full of lovely and sometimes baffling moments, with the odd hazard. I was happily consumed, and I had no energy for blogs or super huge creative projects. At the time, an artist friend asked how I was expressing myself creatively, and I was like, mushing food! It was a wonderful time.

  3. I so would have voted for the princess bride....brides and 2 most favorite things

  4. *mush mush *mush~ while making movies and watching handsome G$ get even handsomer as the days and minutes and months go by..... sounds like a wonderful life. I love you Jane