Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Longest Nap

So this is what happened.

First nap began at 8:30.
I did a few things, soon it was 9:00.
where did that time go?
So he might be up in a half hour, or he might not.
what can I get done in a half hour?
If I turn on the shower, the opening screech might wake him up.
So, no.
I'll answer a few more emails.
Oh god the dishes are piled and sticky and clambering for my hands.
But. If I clink dishes too loudly, he might wake up.
That warm water will feel good on my skin.
But it's too loud.
So, no.
I'll read a few blog posts.
And send a few emails.
It's 9:30.
he could be up any minute
I'm cold, I'm gross. I need a shower.
If I get in the shower, it will wake him up.
Then I'm sopping wet and he's screaming.
So, no.
I'll check accuweather to see if it's going to warm up.
(I mean, comon! It's like like 50 degrees here in LA sheeeesh)
Now it's 10:00.
wow this is a long nap!
I totally could have taken a shower.
And scrubbed a few dishes.
But no.
I'll read some more blog posts.
I should be folding laundry.
And do a few searches.
And answer a few emails.
See? this is productive...
And get on a phone call.
But no.
I will not finish the phone call.
Because now it's 10:45.
And he's up.

Oh long nap, how I love you. If only I could know your heart (and duration).

Circling the house in search of,


  1. Oh, I remember those days! If someone could invent a crystal ball that would tell you if you have half an hour or two hours, they would be RICH!

  2. My son used to take these long luxurious four hour naps and I could get so much done. I figured I had this whole baby/nap thing down.

    My daughter sleeps in fits and starts, a half hour here, 20 minutes there, and then to mix it up a 3 1/2 hour epic nap with no warning.

    Since she was born, I have gotten absolutely nothing done. Not one damn thing.

    After about two years, you get used to it.