Sunday, April 25, 2010


Did you know that Poppy's require sunlight to open their flashy orange petals? And not just daylight, direct sunlight?

I didn't either. Last week as we were recovering from the shoot we wanted to do something special with Grandma before hubs went back to full time work. We went up to the Poppy fields not far from here and discovered the above fact. Sunlight req'd.

But I got some cute pictures anyway.

( I should also add that it was damn 45 degrees, no-one was prepared for that. Grandma held onto the boy to stay warm...)

Even closed they are pretty cool.

Flashy poppy love to you,


  1. I love poppies. We have them here in NZ, too. (But not native) They sort of make me feel like I'm home (in CA, that is).

  2. So when the poppies bloom and open up, do you plan to take some photos for us? I've never really seen a real poppy...just the ones that the Elks or VFW or whoever they are sell for a quarter.

  3. He looks so pissed that it is so cold! That is the same look I got when we took our son to see the meteor shower in Joshua Tree and he realized it was about 30 degrees!

  4. OH, those pictures are so sweet!! What a handsome boy. And I learned something today - I did not know that about poppies! :)

  5. I love poppies. One of my favorite pictures of my older daughter has her sticking her little one year old nose into one. Your pictures are beautiful.