Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Walk the Line

The BHB (big headed baby) refuses to walk.

He's a fast as hell crawler.
He's pretty much at a run - as long as you've got him by the hand.
He's about 14 feet tall.

But no walking.

I finally stopped opening myself up to the following nonsense:

Me: "Oh he's 19 months old. Yea. Not walking yet. He'll get around to it"
Them: Nodding earnestly
Me: "Must be a procrastinator like his Mom!' awkward laugh
Them: The Speech.

You know the one.

OH all babies are DIFFERENT. They all do things AT THEIR OWN time and pace. It's NOTHING to worrry about. I mean. My baby starting walking when she was NINE MONTHS OLD, well running actually, HA HA so you should feel lucky....


Ugh. I totally deserve it actually. When BHB was just a tiny nugget and tucked into my chest in a Moby wrap, I met a family with a cute toddler person. They shared that he had just started walking at like 16 months or something, only finally crawled at 15 months. They looked stressed about it.

ME: Oh I hope this one does the same thing! That sounds about right...
THEM: Nodding earnestly.
(internal monologue) Really. REALLY?

CUT TO: Now.

AND I'm done with it.

I know, I know it's fine. He's fine. But it's just a bit of a drag honestly. He's got the skills, just not the willingness. But carrying him everywhere or doing the one handed walk is making my body hurt. Wah to the wah, right? As if I've got problems compared to I don't know, a real problem?

I just want him to feel the joy of running. And he will soon. And then I'll be sorry.

Leaning to the right,


  1. If I remember correctly BHB is a couple of weeks older than my ChicharĂ­n and he's doing the same "I'll walk, heck! I'll even run... as long as you hold my hand" thing so I know the pain in the... back you have now.

    I've been hearing The Speech for some months now so I can only offer you my sympathies because I know how that is.

    Hugs for you and the BHB

    PS: babies are different and do things at their own pace and time =)

  2. I remember being irritated and annoyed when everyone was OBSESSED with the walking thing. Aka Huge Developmental Milestone. "Is he walking yet?" ARGHHHH! Here comes The Speech!