Monday, September 21, 2009

Fantasy Island

When the super sappy stringee opening music of Fantasy Island filled our parquet-floored living room, my little bare feet came a runnin'. My grandmother lived with us when I was a wee one in the 70's and this was her 2nd favorite show, The Love Boat being the top winner. But if you remember (ahem, shout out to the old people) these shows were back to back and so it was a Saturday night winning combination. My little brother and I felt pretty lucky to stay up late and watch in our soft PJ's on our creaky leather black couch.

For those of you playing along (I clearly like this phrase) I've been naming my posts after movies for some time now and right now you're thinking - dude, why mess up that amazing run of creativity and magic by naming this one after a TV show? To which I might answer, well, in honor of the Emmy's tonight, I think I should give TVland a little love. But instead, I have a better answer. Fantasy Island the movie is in development and allegedly Eddie Murphy will play the Ricardo Montalban role, among others. Among others? Oh comon'. Please don't. And furthermore, since this article announcing the film is from 2007 it looks like no-one else thinks this is a good idea either.

So two paragraphs of blah-blah just to get the title of this post justified. But thanks, I do feel better.

So what do I want to say about my Fantasy Island? Well. When I go there, I definitely want Ricardo not Eddie greeting me, and I want my visit to solve the epic dilemma that's putting the squeeze on my heart right now with a magic trill of strings and pretty 1970's film. Here it is. So as you know, I want to have this life, this amazing life of directing feature films and oh shoot, okay if I must-for-a-paycheck direct-TV-shows-preferably-HBO hour-long and whatever the heck else sounds fun to me. Award-winning doc? Sure! AND. And, I want to be here full time for the adorable BHB. Sounds like a great plot for a cloning movie doesn't it? This is the true definition of a dilemma as it is not solvable. And it's got me staying up late typing to you.

Tomorrow I'm going to do another shoot, the 2nd time since the arrival of Mr. pouty lips. This one is for a mini-doc that is going to be used for promotional purposes for our short film which as you know is promotional purpose for our feature film and if this is reminding you of a nesting Russian doll I think your brain is amazing Just like mine. The movie inside a movie inside a movie.

So what is my issue, you ask? Tomorrow is the first day I'm leaving smoochy with a babysitter all day. 'Cause the handsome hubs is part of this process of course and so he and I are both going out to do the shoot. And yes, truly, the gal who is coming is lovely. And awesome. And from Texas so she's all kinds of good in that sweet girl big probably used to have big hair kinda way that I know and love so well*.  But does her adorableness and the fact that the baby seems to just love her help with my anxiety? Oh no. My lip has gone out in a prep-the-pout look all day when I think of him here, wondering where the heck we are, all day -pining for my bad singing and hilarious bookreading with the occasional tummy time while I check my email but not for long I swear. And all of the pumped milk in the fridge that awaits their time together only makes me feel the tiny bit better.

To cheer myself up, I'm offering up some more of my faves from the recent trip. Hope you enjoy..

Roadside feeding just after a little rainstorm. Photo Credit: Cute hubs 

Contemplating new backseat buddy.

Enjoying the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco


  1. I used to love (and fear) Fantasy Island. You have to admit, that as a kid, that show had a scary edge that you just couldn't figure out. Mr. Rourke would give you what you wanted- even if you had to figure out that it was not what you needed.

    Good luck on your shoot tomorrow.

    Speaking of TV there are some great Cosby show episodes about leaving the baby with a sitter for the first time. (You're handling it with way more grace than Sondra and Elvin)

    Rock on,

  2. Good luck on your shoot.

    It's always hard to leave them when they're little. It got easier for more as they got older and more annoying. (I kid.)

  3. Mine are 3.5 and 16 months and have only had family members as sitters. I cried the last two months of my pregnancy with Baby C every time I thought about having to be in the hospital and leave H. Ended up, he was just fine and so was I.

    They are so very precious and leaving them is so so hard, but just remember that doing these things for you (for all of you) will, in the long run make you a more complete person and better parent. Not to get too preachy, but it is the truth.

    Good luck on your shoot! I am so excited for both of you!

  4. Oh, honey, I know how you feel. A similar dilemma is how my blog got its name (at the time, it was creative pursuits vs lawyering). We women are so often torn between our many roles in life.

    And I loved Fantasy Island too ... AND the Love Boat, though neither could touch my all-time favorite Charlie's Angels. My bedtime was halfway through the show, and it was always a treat when I could stay up long enough to find out whether Sabrina and Kelly made it safely out of that week's predicament.

    Best of luck to you, on ALL fronts.