Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Wizard of Oz

Who is running this show? Is there a man behind the curtain, and if so, why does he yank my levers like that? I mean, comon'. I got a heart and some brains, a bit of nerve too but it would be nice if they all worked together for a common goal instead of making me show up like the frazzled, frayed and floppy scarecrow that I was today.

Let's take this further. Shakespeare had something with that  all the worlds a stage bit. And yep, I am merely a player. Today I played the role of the angry, scowlee Woman #3 who is irrational and frustrated with all aspects of reality and shakes her fist alot. And my son of course plays the 'mewling infant' and frankly when I'm deep into that character I do feel badly for the tiny dude. Not that he was mistreated mind you, not the case.

But today was not so much filled with song and smiles. Oh but wait, to my credit I did sing "Over the Rainbow" to mr. tiny face this morning. Which makes this post all the more aptly named. But for the rest of the day it was a little more, 'How about a nap dude?'and 'Seriously? Eat again?'. My dear grandmother recommends going out of doors when this type of mood strikes and since I know she is regular reader (how great is that?) I will say for the record I thought. "I should go outside". And so Granny, I thought it. And well, we did see outside on the way to the car to go see a woman about a giant dinosaur costume. Because the mission is now pretty much full speed short film and I need a giant costume, basically a mascot sized dinosaur costume for this little movie. Something along these lines...
So we'll see if this kind of thing can be procured for less than 1200 dollars that this particular dino is pulling down. That would be nice since that number soars way out of our budget range. Does the fact that we need such a thing make you curious about our short film? Gooood.
Tonight when the BHB went to sleep and the cute hubs came home the relief came too. I think the reality is I got spoiled rotten by the double parent situation that went on there for 2 solid weeks on the trip. I know that soon enough we'll have some help because soon enough I'll be booked on a big job and soon enough that kid will be like 6 and off to school so believe me I know that I need to enjoy his ridiculous cuteness and drop my bad 'Woman #3' attitude. She's such a bit player and not important to this scene.
This photo documents a nap that sent me driving around town in order to make sure to preserve. It was a chunky 1.5 hour nap so perhaps worth the gas? I wasn't driving the whole time, I stopped and hung out in a parking lot at Whole Foods waiting for him to awake so we could go gather food for dinner. I will say that I did get to observe the sunset warm-up with silhouette-ee palm trees and pastel streaked skies during that time. And notice the sweet breeze moving through the trees. And take a deep breath or two.
So I guess I did make it outside today. But I was a few skips shy of the yellow brick road.


  1. at Whole Foods waiting for him to awake so we could go gather food for dinner

    does this make joe the hunter?

    i love the visual of you at WF gathering, babe in arms - perhaps in a peasant skirt whilst the sounds of a lute or perhaps a mandolin prang in the background.

    it's been too darn long since i've been to a renaissance faire.

    i love you!

  2. I feel you! I spend ALOT of time trying to master " the nap"... why, when put down, will they not sleep???

  3. K - Seriously, I am ready to just call the naps an 'on demand' type of a deal instead of believing he needs them and stressing myself out imposing them on him. The books say hells no, but I'm tempted.

    And Court, thanks for that hilarious visual, you're adorable. We do gather there, it's a bit more of a steel-cart thing instead of lovely basket for the gathering - but we get it done! And I usually do it with a child strapped to my chest which makes it pretty sweet...

  4. I hear your post-vacation-with-double-parenting-depression. And I feel it. It is bad. It is hard. It is compounded by the fact that we live in the most car-friendly city in the world, yet the amount of things you can actually *do* whilst in said car is minimal. Where are the daytime drive-in movie theaters for parents of napping-in-car-babies??

  5. I am profoundly, rabidly curious about the dino suit. What do I have to do to get some answers, woman?!

  6. Oh my god, the drive-in-napping mommy movies is genius. A million dollar idea...

    And JJ, I promise, answers coming soon. Here's one, in the form of a question. Do you believe in astrology?