Saturday, January 30, 2010

I don't even have a title for this post...

Tonight I was going to write an extraordinary post. You know, the one that you would read and say "Wow, holy crap that is amazing! That Jane is SUCH a talented writer - she just changed my life in ways that are incomprehensible to me.  I just get, feel, understand know of what she speaks and I relate to it in every way. If only I could have said it so well."

But I watched Extreme Makeover Home Edition instead.

And yes, I cried. And got annoyed with all of the cloying blahblah but then cried again and admired the design and then got annoyed that they drag it out for two hours but thank god for Tivo and then, yes okay FINE I cried at the end.

I wish I could stay up and write that post for you. Alas it will remain in the draft folder of my mind. I'll just say this: things are getting better. The big life decision still looms but at least there's a little relief so the mindgrapes aren't hurting so much.

A couple years ago I got to create a spoof of the Makeover Show for Microsoft. Watching the show tonight I realize how a) easy it was to spoof and b) how great a job we did.

With the love of a procrastinatin' heart,

PS- Please vote for the movie over to the left. I like you.


  1. Our planets must be in alignment or something. I've got a major life decision thing going on too.

  2. That was amusing. Also? I hate that show, so much. I've worked for 15 years in the home improvement industry, and I can't tell you how many morons watch that show, come into a showroom and are then FLOORED that it takes WEEKS to plan and the WEEKS for materials to arrive and THEN another 6 - 8 WEEKS for the job to be finished. They think it's going to happen in like, a day, while someone stands around with pad of paper and says things like, "whimsy" and "open concept".
    It makes me want to hang myself regularly. I'm suddenly even more appreciative of the fact that I now work from home and don't have to encounter the people I advise. Heh.