Monday, January 25, 2010

Up In The Air

George Clooney is so hot.

It's that damn George Clooney! He's so hot right now!

Sorry to mix my movies. Zoolander happens to be one of my all time favorite movies. If that fact means you don't care what I have to say about any other movie, so be it. Don't let the browser hit you on the ass on your way out.

YOU: Wow, really Jane? That was pretty rude. Do you actually feel that strongly about Zoo-freakin'-Lander?

ME: Yes, Yes I do. I love it. I mean comon'...the walk off? Pure genius.

YOU: Oh, okay. You know what? You're right.

ME: Ah good. Glad to see you've got great taste in movies. What a relief!

Ok, back to the action. Yes, hot. I just have to start there with GC's hotness. I mean, hellllo.  And while it should absolutely have no any bearing whatsoever on whether or not Up In the Air is a good movie, I'm sorry to say but it does.

It made it better. And it was already quite good.

Nominations for 2010 Oscars will be announced next Tuesday. I feel pretty darn confident that Up in the Air will be among the best picture contenders. Do I think it deserves to win that auspicious award? Short answer: Kinda.

Here's what worked for me. The filmgoing experience. I was quite satisfied. Ok, I granted I was a little frustrated with the ending, I'm not saying why yet (don't worry, I'll flag with spoiler alerts) but I get the strong feeling that we are supposed to be a little frustrated by the ending. And I laughed. I got a little weepy. I was swept away into the story and it's character's just like I'm supposta be.

Hot GC's character evolves. I like evolvement! In fact I think it's critical to a hero's journey and thusly the audience journey. Our hero should come out the other side a pretty different guy in a believable way. He did. I believed it.

And wow. I LOVED the casting a--key--ross the board. Down to the bit parts. This is often effed up by other filmmakers but Jason Reitman and his team just nailed this casting thing. I love lovey loved the love interest played by Vera Farmiga. What a power move, more or less an unknown ( I totally IMDB'd her on my iPhone on the way home from the theatre). And the other key role was played flawlessly by relative newcomer Anna Kendrick. Holy delightful! And the sisters. And. Really? Everyone! Like down to the gate agents kind of thing. I really appreciate this attention to detail, how often do you see a movie and things are humming along swimmingly when it suddenly gets knocked off track by a wooden lame actor with zero ability phoning it in and then Whoa! Weird! Bam! you're out of the story and have to find your way back with a gulp of DC and a few bites of popcorn. This friends, did not happen. Plus I don't drink DC, it makes me feel funny.

So here it issue with the movie.

**Spoiler Alert**

Ok, so. What's with the out o' the blue married status of our gal? I mean, I get that surprise's are good - ie: "ohhh, wow, didn't see that coming" But this was too far out. I don't think it's fair to take an audience to a wedding on a WEEKEND and give us tons of smilee -gorgeous- we're-a-couple-now-twirling around-the-dance-floor with a woman who is not wearing a ring and did I mention it was on the Weekend? And isn't it totally true that when you go to a wedding with someone you're taking the next step? Especially the wedding of a family member? On a Weekend?


**Okay, comon' back**

So I wanted to overlook this flaw, I really did. The only other issue I had is that it could be a bit stage-ee at times. Like the shot (don't worry, it's in the trailer) of the two of them opening their laptops at the same time. I mean, yea. No. That's heightened reality, which I am all for but all of the reality needs to match. But, well. Hold on, I think I'm being a bit curmudgeon-ly. The heightened stuff happens alot...and it's fun. See the thing is I didn't like Juno. (gasp! I know!) and that level of inauthenticity that happens in the cutesy moments (ah Jane, there you go again) is why I didn't like Juno and it was where I got lost momentarily in this movie too. His apartment? Just not believable. I get what you're trying to do, but it's frustrating.

I do love Jason Bateman as the boss. That dude is a fantastic freakin' actor who I think is sorta underrated. Not by me, by the world. Anyhoo. Ok so I know I'm all over the map but y'all know me well by now and wouldn't expect any less. Or more.

All of the acting goodness along with one of the better moments in recent cinema (the hotel lobby sobby scene) add up to something definitely worth seeing, as in I'd see it again.

So I give it an A--. Or B++. I can't commit to just one sign here. It's flawed it a pretty major way in my mind but totally, totally worth the ride. Especially to watch the uber hot George Clooney totally nail it. May he win many more awards and put on many more benefits and may he be in a movie that I direct someday so that I can admire him in person.

Jane out.

PS- This is an apt title for a post for me right now as so much of my own personal life feels very up in the air. I will dish more very soon. In fact...I'm thinking of asking folks who read my blog to help or actually make a major life decision for me and the hubs. I think it sounds kinda fun. I mean, it's better to blame the wiley internets if we find out later it was a total mistake, right? Stay tuned!


  1. I can't wait to see Up in the Air. I am expecting it to speak to me on some awesome personal level, and I hope I'm not too disappointed.

    I have not seen Zoolander! And oops, I sort of liked Juno. Yes, it was contrived and too cutesy. But the soundtrack and some of the dialogue won me over. Love Jason Bateman. Always have.

  2. One would think I'd make more of an effort to see the movie since it was filmed less than 5 miles from where I was living at the time, but, oh well, I'm not that dedicated.

    Thanks for the review.

  3. No, you shouldn't move :) but I'm jumping forward in my mind to your next post. I loved UITA & I totally agree with the stretch to believe that she was married. Yup. AND GC IS SO YUMMY!!!!

  4. Ps. What is this, a center for ants?!?

  5. Zoolander is awesome. No complaint here. Bowie's cameo is the stuff of legends. In fact, it's my belief that film was invented purely to capture that moment.

    I liked Up in the Air enough. I saw it at a Mommy and Me and my mini me was driving me freaking crazy, but I managed to enjoy it. I also really liked Juno, but I still can't belief that a film with that huge of tonal leaps (the goofy beginning with Rainn Wilson, for example, clashes with moody/awkward/petulant feel of the rest of it) could win the screenplay Oscar. I'm all for Stripper Makes Good stories, but c'mon, the writing was great but flawed.

    And yes, of course you should have another baby!

  6. I think readers should first vote on what life decision they're helping with, THEN vote on that. No? Can we vote on it?

  7. BTW, DEEPLY annoyed by Juno. Blech.

  8. I LOVE the movie zoolander! I can watch it over and over again and it doesn't get old! :)