Thursday, July 23, 2009

ease n' grace

Sometimes I use this as a mantra. Or a wish list anyway. I would like do this thing (Mommahood), or anything, with some E n' G.

Walking onto set I am often mistaken for the craft services person, or the PA. Know why? Cause I'm nice. Directors aren't supposed to be nice, more often then not they are blowhard cap wearing', beard sportin', coke snortin' meanies who like to yell to make sure they still exist. Hello King of the World, you know who you are. I like to act tough in meetings so that agency or whoever is hiring knows I can kick some shotlist achievin' ass, but they'll find out soon enough, I'm sorta overly nice. Not completely in that desperate 'please like me way' there's a program for that but well, uh, you decide. Do I really have to strike up a conversation with the breakfast burrito dude before we get the first shot off? Probably not.

I guess my point is that Easn'grace that I am currently looking for is something I feel like I've found in my work. I can be my superfunohmygod jump-up-and-down-when-I-like-a-take girl there...

Yep, this is me jumping with joy at the sight of an excellent take.

I'm looking for her now around here.

But as you can see, I am mostly finding piles of laundry and the wear and tear of desperation to see that a nap is achieved. Wow, I'm airing my clean laundry here. See if you can find the carbon based life form in this pile.

I know, I know. He shouldn't sleep with all of that stuff around him. I KNOW!


Whoops lost the EnG there. A little high strung from the lack o' sleep. Perhaps when the sleep becomes a little more, shall we say consistent...I'll find my inner joy light again. I do, I do want to because this little guy has tons of it.


  1. Hah! The baby sleeping in the middle of a pile of clean laundry...been there, done that. :)

  2. I love love love the photo of him snoozing in the laundry on the bed. That would give my mother heart failure which is why it is so damn awesome!

    Keep your chin up, it does get better, easier, well, sort of.

  3. Laundry is the bane of my existence. That and the kids...